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Seek Feedback

Seek Feedback

Listen carefully for feedback, seek mentor/mentee relationships to gather feedback on a frequent basis.

Keep practicing to get better.


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Inspired by Japanese thinking, love marketing, tea and cultivating a growth mindset.

Your ambitions will never be out of reach when you keep your focus on them and surround yourself with people who inspire you.

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Seek immediate feedback

Seek immediate feedback

The most effective learners actively seek feedback to enhance their performance. 

Feedback is necessary for a learner to confirm that s/he is on the right track. 

Dos and Don'ts for Mentor and Mentee

The mentor should..

  • make sure that his mentee is being able to follow what's going on.
  • understand that all mentees are not the same.
  • guide the mentees to arrive at a solution.
  • not discourage his mentee with frequent negative feedback.
  • help with re...

Seek feedback:

Tell your team members that you’re working to support their proactive problem solving and that you need their feedback to help you get better at this.

Ask them to let you know whenever you do something that either hurts or helps.

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