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3. Take breaks (whenever needed)

Many remote or work from home employees think that they are already in their cosy space, so breaks aren’t that important.

Be it a high workload, strict deadline, or an urgent task from your boss or a hugely important client; nothing is above your mental and physical wellbeing.

Being too busy working without any break isn’t healthy. Period.

Our brains are just like athletes. It needs rest to function at a greater level and be creative. So, make sure you allow your brain some time to rest and recharge.


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There was a time when I wasn’t even aware of the term ‘burnout’, but I would experience this every now and then. I remember telling my manager that I feel really tired and I am not able to concentrate on work. That’s when she said, “You need some break, Harsh! You seem burned out.”All these years, I have had numerous burnout experiences. But I am glad, that I have tried to figure out how to cope with it. Avoiding remote work burnout isn’t an easy feat or doesn’t happen overnight. But it can be achieved if you understand the ins and outs of it.

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