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There was a time when I wasn’t even aware of the term ‘burnout’, but I would experience this every now and then. I remember telling my manager that I feel really tired and I am not able to concentrate on work. That’s when she said, “You need some break, Harsh! You seem burned out.”All these years, I have had numerous burnout experiences. But I am glad, that I have tried to figure out how to cope with it. Avoiding remote work burnout isn’t an easy feat or doesn’t happen overnight. But it can be achieved if you understand the ins and outs of it.


How to Deal with Remote Work Burnout?

How to Deal with Remote Work Burnout?


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Over 69% of employees are experiencing burnout symptoms while working from home.

However, despite the exhaustion, people are not taking enough time off to recharge, fearing they could be the next layoff.

Burnouts can affect your physical and mental wellbeing to a great deg...

Try to start your day early in the morning. 

Countless studies and numerous prominent examples indicate that early risers early risers are often energetic, can get a lot of things done in 24 hours, and are more successful in their professional lives. 

People become more d...

2. Have a dedicated workplace

Working on the couch or the bed or the dining table has never been my cup of tea. Even during my college days, I used to have a study/work setup in my hostel room.

A dedicated space allows you to focus, mentally gets you into a work mode, mini...

Many remote or work from home employees think that they are already in their cosy space, so breaks aren’t that important.

Be it a high workload, strict deadline, or an urgent task from your boss or a hugely important client; nothing is above your mental and physical wellbeing.

Being t...

You should be friends with your remote colleagues. Because we all need friends at work; we you need people with whom you can share things.

If your employer is not treating you correctly, and you want to raise this concern, you certainly need people to support you. ...

It is understandable that some of us have our side hustles to take care of and we do that on weekends. That’s absolutely fine.

But at least, give one weekend to yourself. Maybe go to a nearby destination, stay in an Airbnb, cook for yourself, go cycling, or do anything you like.

Most of the remote employees tend to work on week offs. This is not right!!

Darling, you have a life. You don’t get paid for your week offs.

Do not overwork with the hope that you’ll be noticed by the company and earn that accolade of the most dedicated employee.




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