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Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality

Mob mentality happens when people are in a group or a crowd, and seem to lose their rational thinking, changing their behavior and beliefs to suit the crowd.

Changed behavior in a crowd can also happen as a reaction to the behavior of people around and the general environment.


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Wrong But Socially Acceptable

Wrong But Socially Acceptable

Bad decisions may not be a result of beliefs or ignorance; they can also happen because we are not making a decision based on what's best for us (knowingly), but because of society, and peer pressure.


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Collective Behaviour

Collective Behaviour

The threshold model of collective behavior implies that even if we believe something is wrong, in some social contexts or situations, we do that very thing.

We sometimes make bad decisions, knowing fully well that they are not right.


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Nothing lasts forever, not even your problems. Stay positive.

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