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Discipline equals freedom

Discipline is essential for freedom and results.

A good leader is confident but not cocky, courageous but not foolhardy;  competitive, yet a gracious loser, a leader and a follower, quiet but not silent, logical but not without emotions. 


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Living in my own world. I'm naive and honest, straightforward.

Extreme Ownership includes practical leadership advice from two Navy SEALs on staying strong, disciplined, and level-headed in high-stake situations.

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Vocal freedom

Vocal freedom

Singing practice and training involves generating a sense of vocal freedom – this is what you’re seeing when you watch someone sing movingly, beautifully but seemingly without effort. 

For most singers, years of practice go into developing that kind of freedom.

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What is freedom?

Freedom is the courage to be disliked by others.

Oh that person just stared you because you were wearing a weird T-shirt, So what? That person dislikes you because you just did what he doesn't like but you do, so what?

Superior planner, inferior doer

Superior planner, inferior doer

  • Inside each of us are two separate personas: the planner and the doer.
  • As a leader, you will assume the follower in you will obey each order precisely as you have articulated it. 
  • You assume your follower self will not be presented wi...

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