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What is "Choking"?

What is "Choking"?

Choking is a phenomenon in which people tend to fail when performing under pressure. This is also applied to people who fail at the most critical or key point in their life.


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The Way Pressure Affects Decision Making

The Way Pressure Affects Decision Making

Making decisions under pressure can blur people’s judgment in at least three ways:

  • Under stress, we tend to behave as if we are under time pressure even when we’re not. We often have more time than we think.
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What is 'choking'?

What is 'choking'?

Despite months, even years, of practice, a person fails right when it matters most. Cause: Performance anxiety (performance under intense pressure) Common in sports, public speaking, also haunts contestants in spelling bee, musicians and so on.

Passion Is Overrated

  • It’s a basic axiom that people do better work when they find that work meaningful. Bosses who take this to mean that it is their job to provide purpose tend to overstep. 
  • Insisting that people have passion for their job can place unnecessary pressure on both boss and employee.

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