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Top 7 TED Talks On Customer Success

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Life Is a Series of Moments

  • No one feels the same way all the time. There are no enlightened people, no nice, bad, smart, neurotic, or stupid people, either-only people with more or less enlightened moments.
  • Life is lived at this moment, let go of the past, and enjoy the present moment.


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Desired and Undesired Habits

  • Make any positive behavior as convenient as possible.
  • Replace old negative routines with new behaviors, pouring new energy into a new you.
  • Make any negative behavior as inconvenient as possible.


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Daredevils Are Terrified, Too

  • Dar Robinson, one of the greatest modern-day daredevils, was terrified with each and every stunt.
  • So maybe it's OK for us to be afraid? Yes! And then we need to do what needs to be done.
  • Your willingness to face it squarely will determine your fate in the high country of huma...


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“St. Nike” Was Right

  • Only your actions shape your destiny.
  • To fulfill the promise of the second gateway, you need to know, and act upon, only three magic words: Just do it.
  • The first gateway is “Discover Your Worth.”
  • The second is “Reclaim Your Will.”
  • It'...


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Carpe Punctum

  • If we want to fulfill our divine destiny and live consistent joy, we've gotta Carpe punctum - close the gap between what we think we're capable of doing and what we're actually doing.
  • Seize the moment, and live fully.


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Money and Everyday Enlightenment

  • What you believe about money will determine your effectiveness in acquiring it.
  • Money is neutral energy that we can use consciously as a means to circulate our values in the world-receiving energy as we give our gifts to the world and giving money as we consume products and services ...


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Emotional Meteorology 101

  • Emotions, no matter how painful they are, are not the problem. The problem is dropping out of school or work, putting your family or duties of life on hold until such time as you can work out your emotional issues.
  • The heart of accepting your emotions is to do what you need to do des...


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Love Begins with You

  • If we are the same awareness shining through a billion separate forms, then all love begins with self-love.
  • For the heart to awaken, it cannot exclude a single soul, including yourself. If you do not love yourself, how can you find the space to love others?


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Pain & Suffering

  • Suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens.
  • The moment we not only accept what is but alchemize it into something positive is the moment we're truly free from suffering.
  • Look for the positive aspect of whatever we're experiencing.
  • Act as if what's happe...


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Everyday Enlightenment: The Twelve Gateways to Personal Growth

On the Journey of Life, Do You Sometimes Wish You Had a Map? You now hold such a map in your hands-a guide through the twelve gateways of personal growth to the summit of your potential. Dan Millman makes your ascent accessible by bringing enlightenment down to earth-applying spiritual wisdom to ...


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Serve Your World

  • Each of the prior 11 gateways lead us to the 12th and final gateway: “Serve Your World.”
  • Dan asks us to “Find a form of service that calls to you” that suits our abilities, aptitudes, qualities, and interests.
  • Every moment provides us with an opportunity to serve our world.


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Discover Your Worth

Self-worth is not a thing; it is a perception. Just as a gymnast begins a routine with ten points and receives deductions for each mistake, so you began life with a natural, complete sense of worth. (Have you ever met an infant with self-worth issues?) But as you grow, you serve as your own j...


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Sharing key insights from top books, podcasts, and beyond. Embrace the path of continuous learning with me.

On the Journey of Life, Do You Sometimes Wish You Had a Map? You now hold such a map in your hands-a guide through the twelve gateways of personal growth to the summit of your potential. Dan Millman makes your ascent accessible by bringing enlightenment down to earth-applying spiritual wisdom to the practical realities of everyday life. Explore the challenges and mysteries of body, mind, and emotions. Discover a new approach to success. Change confusion into clarity and knowledge into action.

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