Unexpected Endings: Be Aware, And Let Go

  • We all have a past that may have moments of anger, sadness, frustration, regret and other painful emotions, but we can either delve into it and feel bad, or can watch it closely, being aware of the same, and learn to let go of it, living in the present moment instead.
  • We are not victims, but barely witnesses to the tragedy that happened.
  • Accept reality, being in the present moment, and let go of the past.
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Self Improvement



Grief, especially when it concerns losing a loved one, is a burden that is devastating, but can be an anchor for our self-healing and growth in the long run.

One can slowly get over the pain of the loved one and use constant memory as a driver towards a better life.

Revisiting our past for a specific bad situation can sound like something that will stir your negative emotions. Even if it does, one can see that there has been undue self-blame, and other feelings bottled up in that memory, which need to be released.

We need to think better about our past and present circumstances, and live on. Everybody has scars.

An Unexpected Ending -> A New Beginning

When we see that our plans, relationships or assets have been swept away by some crisis, we normally feel worried, overwhelmed, disappointed and even go into depression.

When we attach ourselves to things, ideals, fantasies and other people's expectations, we are bound to feel like it’s the end of the world when disaster strikes.

Whatever miserable situations have arisen due to the ongoing pandemic and the resulting hardships like disease, loneliness, loss of job, or loss of a loved one, is not a reason to give up, or to cloud your vision.

There is love, hope and self-care that is still there. If you are alive and healthy, that is a big reason to celebrate right now.

Life will only get better when we respond to it in a better way.

We need to respond better towards our life situations, as that is also part of our growth, learning, and the wisdom we have attained. Life is not static, and neither should be our response towards it. Our weapons are our ability to pause and witness life, and the choice we have over our response.

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The High Achievers Syndrome

We all want to achieve certain goals. We want to graduate from college, learn an extra language, learn another instrument, write a book.

In order to achieve these things, we need to take action. But, action taken without a good reason is wasting a huge amount of time. This is high-achievers syndrome - when you believe doing more will help you gain more. It won't.

Stop chasing an impossible Ideal

We set up ideals that are often so far ahead from where we are right now that the ideal feel impossible to achieve.

This future ideal has been set up without really thinking about them, without really being engaged and inspired by getting to this ideal.

Start measuring your progress from the present day back to where you started from rather than measuring forward.

When you measure backwards you’ll see how much progress you’ve actually made.

Systems And Goals

When we are working towards a goal, it is crucial to building a system that will eventually make you reach it. Systems are self-driven daily behaviours that guide and remind you towards what’s really important, and how not to get lost in life.

There isn’t anyone system that is built for an individual, and no two goals are alike. Our upbringing and preferences are different and unique. For example, if common knowledge says one should work in the morning, it may or may not apply to us.

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