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Project Management Terms (R)

  • RACI Chart (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed). A way to assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Reporting. A visual way to check in on the status, progress, or results of a project.
  • Resource allocation. Assigning the best available resources to a particular project.
  • Resources. Anything necessary to complete a project or task.
  • Risk management. Identifying and managing risks that could impact a project.
  • Risk mitigation. A strategy where the probability of risk is minimised by taking certain precautions.
  • Risk owner. The person responsible for risk management and mitigation.


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Project Management Terms (T - W)

  • Task management. Managing all aspects of tasks within a project.
  • Timeline. A breakdown of all tasks and activities within a particular project organised in chronological order.
  • Use case. All the ways an end-user could use a p...


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Project Management Terms (E - M)

  • Earned Value Management (EVM). A way to measure a project’s performance and progress.
  • Fast tracking. A way to speed up a project’s progress.
  • Gantt chart. A bar graph for scheduling project tasks where activities are measured ...


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Project Management Terms (A - B)

Project Management Terms (A - B)

  • Agile. A method of working quickly to adapt to rapid changes.
  • Backlog. A complete list of tasks that make up a whole project scope.
  • Baseline. An original plan or estimate for a project's timeline, budget, scope and goals.


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Project Management Terms

Project Management Terms

Project management is the application of strategies, skills, and tools to achieve a specific goal.

Every project starts as an idea that needs to be planned, organised, executed, managed, tracked, completed, and measured. A project manager will oversee all these aspects.

Knowing the ...


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Project Management Terms (C - D)

Project Management Terms (C - D)

  • Case study. Research-based studies that dive into use-cases and various approaches to project management.
  • Change management. How to manage and control changes within a project or team.
  • Contingency plan. A detailed emergency b...


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Project Management Terms (S)

Project Management Terms (S)

  • Scope. An outline of the boundaries of all aspects of a project.
  • Scope creep. The scope of a project expands uncontrollably.
  • Scrum. A method of working in quick, short sprints.
  • Slack (or float). The m...


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Project Management Terms (P - Q)

Project Management Terms (P - Q)

  • Procurement. Obtaining goods, services, or supplies.
  • Project constraints. Any factors that can limit a project’s success.
  • Project life cycle. The stages that a project goes through.
  • Project management software...


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