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New To Project Management? Here Are 50 Terms You Should Know

New To Project Management? Here Are 50 Terms You Should Know


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Project Management Terms

Project management is the application of strategies, skills, and tools to achieve a specific goal.

Every project starts as an idea that needs to be planned, organised, executed, managed, tracked, completed, and measured. A project manager will oversee all these aspects.

Knowing the ...

Project Management Terms (A - B)

  • Agile. A method of working quickly to adapt to rapid changes.
  • Backlog. A complete list of tasks that make up a whole project scope.
  • Baseline. An original plan or estimate for a project's timeline, budget, scope and goals.

Project Management Terms (C - D)

  • Case study. Research-based studies that dive into use-cases and various approaches to project management.
  • Change management. How to manage and control changes within a project or team.
  • Contingency plan. A detailed emergency b...

  • Earned Value Management (EVM). A way to measure a project’s performance and progress.
  • Fast tracking. A way to speed up a project’s progress.
  • Gantt chart. A bar graph for scheduling project tasks where activities are measured ...

Project Management Terms (P - Q)

  • Procurement. Obtaining goods, services, or supplies.
  • Project constraints. Any factors that can limit a project’s success.
  • Project life cycle. The stages that a project goes through.
  • Project management software...

  • RACI Chart (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed). A way to assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Reporting. A visual way to check in on the status, progress, or results of a project.
  • Resource allocation. Assigning ...

Project Management Terms (S)

  • Scope. An outline of the boundaries of all aspects of a project.
  • Scope creep. The scope of a project expands uncontrollably.
  • Scrum. A method of working in quick, short sprints.
  • Slack (or float). The m...

  • Task management. Managing all aspects of tasks within a project.
  • Timeline. A breakdown of all tasks and activities within a particular project organised in chronological order.
  • Use case. All the ways an end-user could use a p...




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A strong foundation with the right structure, people, and information-sharing can ensure that projects align with your organization and result in good decisions.



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SOW is a detailed statement which includes plan, budget, finance, allocated resources and every other minute details regarding any project or work. And to execute and project or work effectively we have to take care or each and every detail related to that project .. So this makes the SOW important ... Here's a guide that gives you an idea about what is SOW and related things ..



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