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Wang, Xijing (Interview). How gratitude helps us feel whole., April 28th, 2022


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New research from Dr Xijing Wang from City University of Hong Kong

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4. References are key

4. References are key

One of the best ways for a manager to feel comfortable with hiring you is to have excellent references, especially if it’s someone they already know.

To find references:

  • Check the hiring manager’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and see if you have mutual connecti...

Gratitude and happiness chemicals

  • Resilience and gratitude have a connection at the neurotransmitter level our of brains.
  • Happiness chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are released as we express gratitude, lighting up the two areas of our brain called the amygdala and hippocampus, which regulate our emotions and ...

Society and gratitude

Society and gratitude

Gratitude is a natural feeling humans are equipped with, and the problem arises when there is more of ingratitude in society.

To have the capacity to feel gratitude, you must be able to receive and accept something helpful or good from another person. It helps if this is something you see h...

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