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First of all, let’s understand the neutrino as these forms the basis for understanding the anti-universe. We’ll learn how certain neutrinos’ discovery could provide evidence of the anti-universe theory.

An atom is made up of electrons with a negative charge — these electrons are bound around the nucleus( the center of atom) — nucleus itself is made up of protons(having a positive charge) and neutrons(with no charge). Now protons and neutrons aren’t elementary particles. They're made up of smaller particles called quarks — up quark and down quark. In addition


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The Anti-Universe

The Anti-Universe

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The Large Light Collider

The Large Light Collider

They went looking for collisions between photons and nuclei, called photonuclear collisions, in data collected during the lead-ion runs at the LHC. These runs have happened in the few weeks just before the LHC’s winter shutdown each year that the LHC has been in operation.


Baryonic And Non-Baryonic Matter

  • Familiar material of the universe contains protons, neutrons and electrons, also known as Baryonic Matter.
  • Dark matter is made up of the same plus also non-baryonic matter (neutrinos, free electrons, supersymmetric particles, axions, and black hole...

The Original Discovery

The Original Discovery

Perepelitsa and his colleagues are dubious that a massless photon could pack a powerful enough punch to melt part of a lead nucleus, which contains 82 protons and 126 neutrons. “It would be like throwing a needle into a bowling ball,” he says.

Instead, he thinks that just b...

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