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Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Constantly Changing World

Frozen thinking

It occurs when you have a fixed orientation to approach a problem.

Many experts are frozen thinkers and cannot see beyond their mastered fields, often leading to embarrassing results.




Think like Sherlock Holmes

“What Sherlock Holmes offers isn’t just a way of solving a crime. It is an entire way of thinking."

"Holmes provides... an education in improving our faculty of mindful thought...

As children, we are remarkably aware to the world around us. This attention wanes over time as we allow more pressing responsibilities to attend to and demands on our minds to address. And as the demands on our attention increase so, too, does our actual attention decrease.

 As it does so, we become less and less able to know or notice our own thought habits and more and more allow our minds to dictate our judgments and decisions, instead of the other way around.

Pitfalls of the Untrained Brain

Daniel Kahneman believes there are two systems for organizing and filtering knowledge: 

  • System one is real-time. This system makes judgments and decisions before our mental apparatus can consciously catch up. 
  • System two, on the other hand, is a slow process of thinking based on critical examination of evidence. Konnikova refers to these as System Watson and System Holmes.

To move from a System Watson- to a System Holmes-governed thinking takes mindfulness plus motivation.

Systems thinking

Is a way of seeing the world as a series of interconnected and interdependent systems rather than lots of independent parts. 

As a thinking tool, it seeks to oppose the reductioni...


...are sets of related components that work together in a particular environment to perform whatever functions are required to achieve the system's objective.

The 3 main systems at play
  • Social systems: rules and structures, created by humans, that keep society functioning.
  • Industrial systems: all manufactured material world, created to facilitate human needs.
  • The ecosystem: which provides all the natural services (clean air, food, fresh water, minerals and natural resources) needed for the other two systems to exist.
Commitment In Relationships

Society and people’s needs are changing, and individuality is a big part of our growth process and who we are. For those who are looking for more profound connections, commitment is necessary to...

Extent Of Commitment

To whom and how much you commit depends on internal and external circumstances. The key is to know yourself and to be honest to yourself and to others with whom you have a relationship with.

You may want to commit casually in some cases and more seriously in others. But if you find yourself wanting a stable and long-lasting relationship, then it is fundamental to make a stronger commitment as it adds to your resilience and respect for the other.

Tips For Commitment In a Relationship

It takes a disciplined mind to focus on what the heart wants and to walk toward it. Once there, it still needs determination to keep it moving toward becoming stronger and stronger.

Keep your perspective and be realistic -- not idealistic -- with how the relationship evolves. You need to be flexible to be able to fit into this ever-changing world and to be able to truly commit to something of value to you.