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The Content Creation Dream

The Content Creation Dream

Content creation is a dream for many but can become a job only for a few.

In such a competitive environment, finding an audience is not that hard. You can take a photo of your cat and put it on the Internet, and somebody will thank you for that. Keeping it, however, and making it loyal, has become the job of the century. And it’s not that simple.

If you want to become a creator, productivity is the first skill you need to master. And there is no shortcut to being productive.

So whether you are a long-time creator, or just tasting waters, here is a 30-day writing challenge to test your limits.


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5 — Use buffering days.

5 — Use buffering days.

Besides planned commitments you cannot skip, you may want to add a few buffering days to your challenge.

As I said before, writing challenges are simple in the beginning when you rely on your creativity. But after a while, your productivity will drop, and you w...


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3 — Control your motivation.

I did many 30-day challenges in the last year. And every time I failed was because of motivational slumps. No matter how hard I try, sooner or later, I stop feeling motivated, and I skip writing for a few days.

So here are a few suggestions to deal with motivation:

  • Don’t ...


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The Benefits of a 30-Day Writing Challenge

The Benefits of a 30-Day Writing Challenge

When you challenge someone, you always learn something. And contests have always been a way to improve ourselves and compete with each other to reach the top. Challenges are the reason why any sport we invented became competitive. And we love them so much that there is a league e...


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1 — It helps you produce more.

1 — It helps you produce more.

Writing content for 30 days will help you produce more for two reasons.

  • First of all, you want to demonstrate you can achieve the task. So even if there will be days in which you would have skipped, you keep going.
  • And second, you want to demonstrate to...


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2 — It gives you a content buffer.

2 — It gives you a content buffer.

A writing contest also means you produce more than usual. And if you succeed, you will have more content to publish.

This means you can build a content buffer that allows you to have more time to work on other projects for the next month, for example. So in the meanwhile, y...


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3 — It reduces stress coming from side hustling.

3 — It reduces stress coming from side hustling.

Content creators usually have one root. They either love creating, or they love hustling . And in the beginning, it is impossible to excel at both.

If you love writi...


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4 — It allows you to schedule better.

4 — It allows you to schedule better.

A surplus of articles, or content, also gives you a scheduling advantage. Because if you already know each piece you produced, you can schedule them to focus on a specific keyword.

Near the end of the year, you could write articles on goal tracking and setting. And you could link them bette...


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How to set up for a 30-day writing challenge.

How to set up for a 30-day writing challenge.

How to set up for a 30-day writing challenge.

Many people start it without a plan. And they resist for a few days, thanks to creativity and habits. But it is almost impossible to complete the 30 days without giving up if you rely only on your habits.

Still, if you prepare a few tasks ...


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1 — Select the writing projects you want to focus on.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” said Benjamin Franklin.

And although many creators sustain that overpreparation ruins their creativity, it is also true that not preparing makes you create poor content.


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Symmetry-Related vs. Duties-Related

Symmetry-Related vs. Duties-Related

Once you understand how to set up a 30-days writing challenge, you may want to draw your own. Or you can download the 30-day writing challenge printable.

  • The symmetry-related


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1 — Use a productivity system.

  • 5 Seconds Rule: From the homonym book by Mel Robbins, the 5 seconds rule is the fastest productivity system. So if you don’t have any other systems, you can use this one.
  • 12 Week Year: Even this system is present...


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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

As a creator, you should try a 30-day writing challenge at least once in your life because it teaches you so many things about your productivity and your character. To complete it, you need to work at high peace for a while and keep everything under control.

You need to learn how to deal wi...


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How to remain productive during a 30-day writing challenge.

  1. Use a productivity system.
  2. Micro-manage tasks.
  3. Control your motivation.


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2 — Micro-manage tasks.

Another thing you can practice to maintain high productivity is to micro-manage tasks daily.

Even if you have a content plan for the 30-days writing challenge, it helps to review each task in the morning and evening. Your mind already thinks about the content you need to produce and works o...


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2 — Pick a daily requirement.

Any challenge should have clear and measurable requirements. Otherwise, they would have called it things people do when bored.

Therefore, since it is a dare with yourself to enhance your productivity for a limited amount of time, pick a demanding daily requirement.

For exampl...


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4 — Distribute tasks.

Now that you selected your working projects and minimum requirement, you can distribute tasks based on your commitments.

With a requirement of 1500 words per day, for example, you can write 1000 for articles and 500 for social media. Or you could focus only on one project and switch to one ...


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3 — Mark every planned commitment.

3 — Mark every planned commitment.

Sometimes, I would like to stop time, produce as much as possible, and restart it. So I would never need to give up anything.

But we all have a social life, and finding 30 straight days without any planned commitments is impossible. No matter which p...


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Passionate about self-improvement, personal growth, finance, and creativity. I love to inspire people to become the better version of themselves. Author @

Tips and tools to enhance your productivity for 30 days and create more content than you ever had.

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