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How To Make Friends As An Adult

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How To Make Friends As An Adult

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“Life demands much of us, on and off the playing field. Emotional talent is the capacity to stimulate and draw upon our natural fountain of energy—to learn to blow into our own sails. We develop emotional talent not by relying on motivation all the time, but by applying our will no matter how we feel.”



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The Moment of Truth Is Now

  • The same quality of attention frees us, in the moment of truth, from any thought of self-concept, criticism, or fear.
  • Freedom from mental distraction equals power—it takes an incredibly strong mind to train like an Olympian, and an even stronger mind to shut out all fear and doubt.


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Backing Up to Get a Running Start

  • When we can see the dynamics of growth and excellence, we don't need to suffer the slumps.
  • And, if you feel like you're going nowhere or even slipping backward, remember that you may just be backing up to get a running start.


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“Whether you are a world-class competitor, weekend athlete, or fitness enthusiast, this book will help you overcome self-created hurdles and reawaken the natural athlete—the body mind master—inside you. Body Mind Mastery provides a clear map to a less stressful, more m...



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Vigor, Vitality & Activity

  • Remember that vigor and vitality is a matter of activity, not necessarily formal exercise.
  • Park the car at the farthest point from the store.
  • Use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
  • Carry your groceries, garden, and do other activities that keep you movin...


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The Law of Accommodation

  • The Training Effect: Your body will accommodate itself to the load you put on it.
  • Consistency over intensity: It's MUCH better to show up at the gym regularly for a basic workout than go off for a couple of hours every other week.
  • Do something for a little bit every day rathe...


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  • Babies are free of self-criticism. They just keep practicing.
  • As we move into the domain of the unknown and pick up a new skill, let's be kinder with ourselves and have FUN, celebrating the tiny improvements and laughing when we fall on our diapers.


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The Fear of Failure

  • Fear of failure generates a vicious circle that creates what is most feared. To break this cycle, you need to make peace with failure and use it.
  • Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes ever, has said: “I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. ...


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Masters Shine Everywhere

  • “Masters of one art have mastered all because they have mastered themselves. With dominion over both mind and muscle, they demonstrate power, serenity, and spirit. They not only have talent for their sport, they have an expanded capacity for life. The experts shine in the competitive arena; ...


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Instant Satori

  • Take your keys, a piece of fruit, or any handy object, and go outside. Throw the object up into the air. Staying relaxed and easy, catch it.
  • At that moment, you were not thinking about what you would have for dinner or what you did yesterday. You were pure attention, reaching out, wa...


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Building New Habits

  • Seneca says: “You have to persevere and fortify your pertinacity until the will to good becomes a disposition to good.”
  • So, you got a put in the time and demonstrate some strong will power so that your WILL to do the right thing becomes a DISPOSITION to do the right thing.
  • He...


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Relax & Stay Focused on Constructive Action

  • You have much more control over your behavior than you do over your thoughts or emotions, so paradoxically the best way to master your emotions is to let them be, stay relaxed, and focus on constructive action.
  • Accept your emotions as natural to you at the moment, without trying to f...


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Sharing key insights from top books, podcasts, and beyond. Embrace the path of continuous learning with me.

Dan Milllman's a former world champion gymnast and coach of the Stanford and Berkeley gymnastic teams whose got some Big Ideas on how to achieve Body, Mind and Spirit mastery. Here we explore a bunch of them, including how to deal with the fear of failure, what we can learn from babies and how to build new habits as we become masters of our lives who shine everywhere!

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