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Why Do Our Brains Tell Us This Story?

The personal narrative is important because it provides information to be stored in our autobiographical memory (the story we tell ourselves, about ourselves), and gives human beings a way of communicating the things we have perceived and experienced to others.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

If consciousness is analogous to the rainbow which accompanies physical processes in the atmosphere but exerts no influence over them, what does this mean for the rainbow and what for us?

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Tell your story

Purpose can arise from curiosity about your own life. When we make a narrative out of our own lives, it gives us clarity on how to understand ourselves and provides a framework to help us make sense of our experiences.

The story you want to hear

We often tell ourselves a story while ignoring the truth. Reasons we do this is:

  • To protect ourselves or others. Ignoring the truth is a defence mechanism. We'd rather believe a lie than own up to our own weakness.
  • Because the truth ...

Your story

Your story

We all have stories, those narratives we tell ourselves about why we can or cannot do or achieve something in our lives. Whether we believe we can or can’t, we’re usually right, because our expectation controls our focus, perceptions, and the way in which we feel and act.

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