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Find Your Inner Balance

Find Your Inner Balance

Extremes are never good. Do not follow anyone’s plan to reach a goal or shape your inner being. Instead, focus on finding your own inner balance.

Start by accepting all of your emotions, thoughts, and actions as part of your being.


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Hydrographic surveyor

Mindsight is a repackaging of awareness and meditation, what they now call mindfulness! It is worth reading though.

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Behavioral Economics, Explained

Learn more about mentalhealth with this collection

How to make rational decisions

The role of biases in decision-making

The impact of social norms on decision-making

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These are a few of the things my productive friends have taught me over the years through giving up. I don’t follow all of them and you probably won’t either. But these thoughts act as the potential for future thoughts you might have. Being productive towards a goal you care abou...

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