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Labels don't matter

The only thing anyone can do for themselves is try their best and never give up.

Try not to whine about how tough things are going to be or how much pressure there was from adults telling you this wasn't going to work.

Success is built on a foundation of previous failure

Success is built on a foundation of previous failure

Entrepreneurship is a never-ending process of refinement through trial and error. Failure is a natural part of success.

We need to change our perspective on failure. Stop avoiding it, stop shaming others who make them, and start looking at what they can teach us about ourselves.

It's okay to fail

It's okay to fail

  • Facing hardship and enduring failure teaches us how to succeed.
  • Failure is a positive thing. A failure is simply something to work past, and my determination gives me an edge over other people.
  • Without any kind of challenge, success would likely be meaningless.

Perspective is everything

Perspective is everything

  • We need to change our perspective on failure.
  • Plenty of us have an image of only successful people who never made mistakes or failures, when in reality, we all do - some just manage to make it look prettier than others
  • Failure is a large part of what it means to be human.

Set the right expectations for people

Set the right expectations for people. Don't waste time trying to convince people they'll succeed

Get right down to what happens when things go wrong. Every little one goes through struggles as they learn to walk, and determination is all it takes to find dexterity

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