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2. Advertising

2. Advertising

This means you get as many visitors as possible, increasing the amount of customers your advertisers reach. This can be found in affiliate marketing, Email marketing among others.


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Starting an online difficult involves many decisions. how to get paid is one of them. These ideas help to simplify the major ways to go about this.

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The Podcasting Ecosystem

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The importance of networking in podcasting

How to grow your podcast audience

How to monetize your podcast

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6. Get rid of distractions

One of the biggest threats to active listening is the many distractions that can be found in everyday life -- your phone, email, and corporate messaging platforms. 

You should give your customers your full attention. 

Biggest Scaling Challenges

Biggest Scaling Challenges

  • Scaling Shifts Your Team’s Focus: more customers means more bugs. And more bugs means less time for our team to work on everything else.
  • Scaling Is Expensive: as the number of customers you’re supporting rises, so do your costs.
  • Sc...

Pros and Cons of Online Traffic


- there is a constant flow of visitors to your store anytime even when you're sleeping

- it provides a targeted reach

- there are little to no geographical limitations

- tracking allows you to spot patterns and refine your marketing strategy

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