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Experiment 2: The Super Chicken Paradox

Experiment 2: The Super Chicken Paradox

An evolutionary biologist tested a strategy for producing the most eggs from the best laying hens among nine flocks by putting the best together in one cage. Of the nine top producers, only three survived, having pecked the others to death. The better option: spreading out all the hens from the highest-producing cages. Within a few generations, egg-laying improved 160% and no hens murdered another.

The lesson? Searching for the “best” candidates from the “best” schools and making them compete for the highest-ranking positions guarantees counterproductive conflicts.


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Understanding Capacity

Capacity is a company’s ability to respond to opportunities. Shifts in context help businesses acknowledge their biases. By nurturing a working environment which bolsters capacity, companies can learn from, and seize the opportunities presented by these bias-busting moments. The technology used t...


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The S-Curve Macro

The “S-Curve” macro-process demonstrates the learning generations in four stages: Explore, Experiment, Execute and Expand.

During third-generation acceleration, the first two phases, Explore and Experiment, occur more frequently than during the Execute and Expand phases. De...


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The Big Change

The Big Change

The world is undergoing three “climate changes” – in the environment, in the market and in technology – which are forcing people to become more adept at adapting. Jobs change so quickly that your current job may not exist in 18 to 24 months. Artificial intelligence (AI) will likely transform 100 ...


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Key Takeaways From The Book

Key Takeaways From The Book

  • Technology is transforming the world of work faster than ever.
  • Technological augmentation, atomization and automation mean you must upskill and reskill for the future.
  • Don’t tether your identity to your job; rather, think in terms of skills.
  • Businesses must change the...


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The Future Of Jobs

The Future Of Jobs

Companies that were once “containers” for jobs will become “platforms” that combine human and technological know-how.

They will require five types of talent:

Foundational” – People who operate a company.

Rotational” – People who do work requi...


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The Three Learning Generations

The Three Learning Generations

Open and connected systems help learners recognize the signals of change and respond appropriately. These systems encapsulate three organizational learning generations.

  • The first focuses on acquiring knowledge and storing expertise.
  • The second observes product life cycles and...


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Leaders Must Adapt To The New World

Leaders Must Adapt To The New World

The days when the shareholder is king and workers are merely a cost that companies seek to minimize are almost over. Maniacal reliance on quarterly earnings is a poor long-term strategy for any enterprise. 

Leaders need to be more mindful about where they lead their people and how. The idea...


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Kids Learning In A New Way

Kids Learning In A New Way

Kids need foundational knowledge that helps them put data in context. They also require fundamental literacies in traditional reading and quantitative skills, digital intelligence, creativity and collaboration.

The popular online learning site Khan Academy, for example, organizes students ...


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The Job Requirements Of The Upcoming Era

The Job Requirements Of The Upcoming Era

The new work environment requires soft skills – such as working well with others. Employees must also possess less obvious capacities such as a willingness to learn and a capacity for understanding their purpose within the larger organizational framework.

In a world where “the pivot is th...


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“Silicon Cognition” Cannot Replace the “Organic Cognition” of Humans

“Silicon Cognition” Cannot Replace the “Organic Cognition” of Humans

People differ from animals by their “pedagogical learning stance:” an ability to take what they have learned and apply it to different situations and problems.

Continuous learning and disruption is uniquely human and enables people to adapt to changing circumstances.

Humans are crea...


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Experiment 1: The Cookie Monster

Experiment 1: The Cookie Monster

From a group of three people, one is randomly selected to lead. They receive four cookies to share. Each takes a cookie. Almost every time, the leader took the remaining cookie. When a person feels powerful, they stop caring what people think and lose their sense of empathy, fairness and collabor...


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Culture and Capacity Define the Workplace

Culture and Capacity Define the Workplace

Instead of focusing on what your company produces, focus on the conditions in which you create and produce. These conditions are culture and capacity. Culture is a sense of purpose and value and which companies create either intentionally or accidentally. Workplaces with intentional cult...


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<p>The job description and org...

The job description and organizational chart no longer matter. Fit springs from aspirations, not qualifications. Hire people for their capacity to learn, rather than for what they already know. Companies might resemble film and television projects, bringing people in for a limited period of time ...


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The Job Posting Ad

The Job Posting Ad

A good job posting should start with a description of your organization. Describe the ideal candidate, not the job. Explain how you want the applicant to embrace the job. Building adaptive teams means embracing adaptive hiring strategies.

The best leaders hire for mission and mindset but c...


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Adaptive Teams

Adaptive Teams

Build adaptive teams that are purpose-built to deal with a particular challenge or goal. For example, a team could have specialists – engineers, designers, project handlers – who rotate frequently, and a research group that scans the horizon for new opportunities. Your teams need “clear eyes focu...


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No More Straight Line Career Paths

No More Straight Line Career Paths

Market climate change is on the horizon. Currency, collaboration and contracts, among other transactions, will all become digital and move at the speed of light.

The three climate changes will reshape ethics, community, geopolitics, politics, work and education. A “left” and “right” politic...


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Upskilling And Reskilling For The Future

Upskilling And Reskilling For The Future

Three forces drive work in the modern age: 

Automation – This work is repetitive, inexpensive, low complexity and of lesser value.

Atomization – Predictable and discrete, this work is medium cost and of moderate complexity and value. 



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Not Jobs, But Skills

Not Jobs, But Skills

Young graduates can expect to work in 17 different jobs during their lifetimes.

Don’t ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, ask what they want to do. Children need to learn how to adapt, build resilience and cultivate agency. By the time students finish university, the career...


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In the past jobs were about muscles, now they’re about brains, but in future, they’ll be about the heart.



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Dance movement psychotherapist

McGowan and Shipley posit a future in which humans share knowledge and build meaningful workplace cultures.


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