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Feeling sick is an emotion meant to help you get better faster

The underlying emotion program

People possess a regulatory program that lies in wait, scanning for indicators that infectious disease is present. If it detects signs of infection: 

  • The program sends a signal to various functional mechanisms in the brain and body.
  • In turn, they change their patterns of operation in ways that are useful for fighting infection.
  • These changes together produce the experience of being sick.




Mindfulness While Being Sick
Mindfulness While Being Sick

We ourselves contribute to slowing down our recovery. Our never-ending responsibilities add to an additional layer of stress while we fight our illness, and our negative reactions ...

Aware And Compassionate Towards Recovery

Seeing one’s own illness with compassion and care leads to acceptance and aids recovery.

We should not be anxious or resentful about being sick, as the added worry is not doing the body any good.

To-Do List To Support Your Recovery From Sickness
  • Accept that you are unwell, and be realistic about it, reminding yourself that you will get better
  • Do not indulge in self-pity or unnecessary distractions.
  • Be caring, patient and kind to yourself for a change.
  • Take deep breaths, focusing on your body and bodily sensations.
  • Do not feel angry or judgemental when you feel uncomfortable.
  • Support your body with positivity and let go of anxiety and worry.
The Common Cold

With over 200 different kinds of viruses that make up the common cold, Science is struggling to find a cure.

Adults suffer this elusive, widespread, and infectious disease 2 to 4 times...

The 7 Identified Virus Families

Scientists to date have identified seven virus families that cause the majority of colds:

  • rhinovirus
  • the new 2019
  • influenza
  • parainfluenza
  • adenovirus
  • respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
  • metapneumovirus.
Vaccines vs Drugs

For Doctors, vaccines are preferable to drugs as they protect the host even before any infection.

For Pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma), vaccines don't spell money, as much as over-the-counter drugs and treatment do.