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"I haven't achieved anything so far 😓"

"I haven't achieved anything so far 😓"

You will compare yourself to others.

Others' success will scare you, agonize you, mock you.

You will look at where you are and feel you are nowhere.

Truth is - in your 20s your position doesn't matter.

Your direction does.


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"I need to find my passion👷"

"I need to find my passion👷"

We obsess over our passion.

Expecting it to be lying in some corner, waiting to be discovered.

And when we do, our life will never be the same again.

Truth is - we do not find our passion.

We grow our passion.

And that's a long journey. For ...


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"I need lots of money. NOW🤑"

"I need lots of money. NOW🤑"

Most of us, especially those who grew up with a lack of money, want to get rich. Quickly.

We optimize for that.

We run after money.

Fall for short-term gains.

Truth is - 20s is the decade to focus on your learning.

Money is then a side effect.


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"Health and sleep can wait😴"

"Health and sleep can wait😴"

We pull out all-nighters. Sleep odd hours.

Eat junk. Eat odd hours. Abuse our body.

Because we believe there is a tomorrow when we will fix everything.

Truth is - how we treat our body in our 20s is how our body treats us for the rest of our life.


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"I am a loser😔"

"I am a loser😔"

All our lives, especially in our 20s, we feel we are the odd ones out.

Everyone else has it figured.

Everyone else is smart.

Everyone else is so certain.

There must be something wrong with us.

Truth is - everyone feels the same way!


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"I am stuck😐"

"I am stuck😐"

You will fail.

You will have self-doubt.

You will suffer.

You will experience pain.

You will feel paralyzed.

You will feel helpless.

Truth is - you are not stuck.

You can always take the smallest possible step to get you out of where you ...


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"This year is make or break for me⌛"

"This year is make or break for me⌛"

I remember feeling this way every year in my 20s.

This year is when I had to do it.

Else I won't be able to.

The story is repeated every year!

Truth is - in an 80yr life no one year has the power to impact your life unless you allow it to.


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"I will become an adult one day👨‍🦰"

"I will become an adult one day👨‍🦰"

We think there is an age when we suddenly grow up.

And growing up means we have sorted everything out.

We know the answers to all questions.

We are in control.

Truth is - we will never have all the answers. That is life.


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"I should not lose my friends💑"

"I should not lose my friends💑"

You will dread losing your friends.

You will dread being alone.

You will dread growing apart.

Even though you are not happy in those relationships anymore.

Truth is - you will outgrow your friends. It is ok to move on.


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"I want people to know I am successful🧑‍💼"

"I want people to know I am successful🧑‍💼"

You want that phone, that car, that salary, that brand - to look good.

You want people to talk highly of you.

Truth is - people's opinions about you don't make you successful.

Until you don't feel successful within!


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"I have to be liked by all👍"

"I have to be liked by all👍"

In our 20s, we crave validation and acknowledgment.

We attempt to please all because we believe that to be a way to win!

Truth is - we can never be liked by all.

Be yourself. The right people will come to you and stay.


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"I can always do that later🕔"

"I can always do that later🕔"

We postpone things.

Calling that friend.

Quitting that toxic job.

Going to the gym.

Saying "I love you".

Following our heart.

We are in a hurry to win.

So we postpone living.

Truth is - life isn't a goal.

It is a day passing b...


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The 20s is quite a weird decade.

The 20s is quite a weird decade.

We are surrounded by the most people we have ever been surrounded by.

And yet constantly feel alone.

And at 42 I realize that a large part of the reason is these self-imposed beliefs we live our 20s by.

A set of rules that we feel are fixed.

They are not.

This world...


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"I need to settle🙅‍♀️"

"I need to settle🙅‍♀️"

The 20s is the decade that the world tells us to settle.

Finish your education.

Get a job.

Get married.

Have kids.

Buy that house/car.


Truth is - the 20s is the decade to explore.

To find out what you are good at and what ma...


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"I am already old🧓"

"I am already old🧓"

You set targets for yourself.

And then imposed timelines on them.

Which were frankly desires and had no basis.

So when you didn't hit them by the time you thought you would, you feel you have lost.

Truth is - you have time!

You're not old. You're ear...


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"I am going to change the world🗺️"

"I am going to change the world🗺️"

We all dream of something big, meaningful, and purposeful for our life.

We pick that desire; make it into a goal.

Only to be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Truth is - the ones who change the world never set out to do so. They realized they had.


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An ordinary boy who is indiscriminately passionate about many things, develops the frontend of websites, a graphics designer, a bibliophile, Loves to learn and grow, and write. | In search of infinity!

This is a twitter thread by Ankur Warikoo. I myself am in my 20s and have felt these things. And after reading this thread made me think differently about my life. It will help you guys.

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