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You do not want to be accusing the other person through claims of “you always” or “you never.” These statements are unfairly labeling the person. Instead, try to help the other person understand your viewpoint and your emotional reaction. Then, ask them how their viewpoint and emotional reaction differs, as well as why. 


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This book is based on the premise that we face difficult conversations daily. Have a read

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During Our Apology

  1. Take responsibility instead of making excuses or being defensive, or worse, accusing the other person subtly.
  2. When words touch an emotional wound, we don’t need to delve deep and try to clear our name. Feelings are different from facts, and we can forget about an objective discussi...

Quick Tips (For Extroverts)

  • Ask questions and get feedback from people around you.
  • If you make mistakes, communicate with the people around you and try to understand where you went wrong.
  • Whenever a bad situation comes up, try not to point the blame at the other person/people.

Slow Down the Conversation

Focus on clearly conveying your whole emotional message and try to hear the whole of the other person's without thinking it is an attack.

Saying "I feel like you..." instead of "You never/You always..." can lead to a more productive discussion.

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