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Wellbeing at Work

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On Accepting Yourself

When you go back to your past and identify all of the moments when you were weak, you free yourself from them and accept what happened.


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What If?

  • To everyone that ever doubted you — including yourself — the most powerful thing to answer is what if.
  • What if it was possible? What if they were wrong? What if you were right?
  • What if opens the door of possibility. It gets you to try and see what ha...


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The Governor

The governor is that little voice in our head that tells us we suck and that we won’t make it.

You need to do two things to take off your governor and access your full potential:

  1. Don’t listen to your voice.
  2. When you feel like you cannot keep movi...


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Taking Souls

When your “bully” thinks you are about to give up, double down and show them you’re much tougher than they think you are!

Taking souls is a practice aimed at silencing whoever is doubting you.


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Once the physical prep was done, he’d take care of the mental prep with visualization.

He visualised what awaited him.

He would imagine himself struggling, suffering, and eventually succeeding.


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The Accountability Mirror

The Accountability Mirror is a mirror on which you write what your current situation is, how to get out of it, and what your goals are.


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The Calloused Mind

Every obstacle made you strong and prepared you for this very moment.

The calloused mind is a practice that helps you double down when the temptation to quit is the strongest.


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No Shortcut

Mastery does not tolerate shortcuts.

The only way to go beyond your limitations is to do more, and better.


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The 40% Rule

Goggins believes that most people live up to 40% of their potential.

The remaining 60% is locked due to the governor.

If you want to go over your 40%, you need to:

  1. Stretch your pain tolerance
  2. Let go of your identity
  3. Let go of your self-limiting beliefs


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The Cookie Jar

On one hand, the painful moments made you who you are so you can ultimately triumph;

on the other hand, the cookie jar is a promise for many more happy moments like the ones you’ve already had.


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Improve the process

These are the 10 concepts Goggins used to push himself beyond his limits and achieved his victories. Use them with care.

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