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There are more types of emotional abuse but these are the most common ones in relationships.

In any relationship you find yourself, be it a love relationship or any other one. Don't allow yourself to be abused emotionally. Understand that anything your partner does to you that makes you break down emotionally is abuse. And it's not okay.


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4. Betraying; This is when someone does something that leads to your downfall or exposes you to danger. In a relationship It means, doing anything that goes against the morals and ethics of your relationship. For example, if your relationship ethics don't allow external romantic ...


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5. Domestic violence; Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior that occurs mostly in marriage relationships and dating relationships. Your partner physically attacking you will have a more damaging effect on your emotions than your body. And while bruises can heal easi...


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3. Guilt-tripping; Guilt-tripping is making someone feel guilty when they are not at fault. When someone wants you to take the blame for their own mistake, they guilt trip you. It is also a great weapon to get you to do something you don't want to do.

I heard about a relati...


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2. Gaslighting; gaslighting is a form of manipulation where the victim is made to doubt his/her sanity and reality. There are different types of gaslighting. But the most common one that occurs in a relationship is when your partner tries to make you unsee something you see or pe...


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1. Lying; You know the meaning of lying right? Lying is a false statement made with the deliberate intention to deceive. If you are in a relationship where your partner lies to you a lot, your emotions become damaged. Because the more you find out the truth, the more you struggle...


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7. Emotional blackmail; Emotional blackmail is a form of manipulation, where people use your emotions to control you. When your partner knows how much you love them and how much they mean to you, they can use it to control you - to get you to do anything they want. For example,...


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6. The silent treatment; The silent treatment is the intentional decision not to talk to someone after an argument or disagreement. Most times in a relationship, there isn't even an argument, your partner just starts ignoring you for no reason known to you. You ask them what's go...


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Types Of Emotional Abuse

Types Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse doesn't get the attention that domestic violence gets. When we talk about domestic abuse, we only focus on physical abuse and forget that emotional abuse in relationships is also domestic abuse. And because we don't focus on emotional abuse, most people in relationships don't reco...


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I don't know it all. I'm just giving life hacks

Emotional Abuse awearness

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Overcoming the fear of abandonment

  • The first step in overcoming the fear of abandonment is to realise that you are worthy of love, flaws and all.If you are in a relationship, don't allow it to become your identity or the center of your worth.
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