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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Goals Keep Getting Bigger

Your goals will just keep getting bigger and bigger. Don't stop, don't settle and keep achieving.


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Work With The Right People

Success might boil down to whom you are working with.

Having the right people around you is more important than even having the right idea or the right kind of resources.


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Knowing Success

Knowing Success

Justin Kan is a mid-30s entrepreneur who sold his previous startup, Twitch, to Amazon for $1 billion, and has raised millions in VC funding for his current project, the legal startup Atrium.


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Meditation With Your Fear

Instead of escaping or shying away from your fears using TV or alcohol, you can sit with your fears in meditation.


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Lasting Happiness

Lasting happiness comes from gratitude, connecting with other people and liberation from your self-tortured striving.


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Don't Try To Attract People

Instead of trying to attract people towards you, just be naturally vulnerable and curious.


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Anxiety Is a Constant Companion

Anxiety and Fear are not situational and occasional but can be a constant state of mind.

Learn to cope with them.


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Don't Give Up

Lasting success comes with time and perseverance.


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Achievement is Fickle

Achieving Goals does not give any lasting happiness, just a temporary satisfaction.


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"Money does not guarantee success." ~ Jose Mourinho

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Set Goals Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Thinking big implies setting goals beyond your comfort zone. The bigger the difficulty the bigger the thought.

Keep in mind that setting unattainable goals is counterproductive. An unattainable goal can lead to stress, worry, fear, procrastination and a plethora of other limit...

4. Keep Personal Goals Private

Not sharing your goals and plans before actually executing them helps to avoid the pressure of performing well from the very beginning.

Additionally, growing your own brand and following organically could help develop your own skills to go reach a bigger audience.

Problem With Goals

Problem With Goals

What if you have only Goals, and no Systems?

  1. Win/Lose - Successful and unsuccessful people share the same goals.
  2. Momentary Change - Achieving a goal changes your life only for a moment.
  3. Either/ Or Conflict - Either you ...

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