The theory of motivation

The theory of motivation
The theory of Maslow represents itself as a pyramid that explains the levels of needs.
  • The lowest and first one is physical needs such as water, food, and air. 
  • Second, come safety and security needs. 
  • Third comes the need for relationships, friendships, and love. 
  • Last, self-esteem and self-actualization.

Those who have fulfilled their needs at the lower level will try to level up and also fulfill their needs in the upper levels. 



Self Improvement


Self-esteem is the subjective evaluation of your own worth. There are two sources to fulfill this need:

  1. The need for respect from others that is obtained from recognition and admiration.
  2. The need for self-respect in the form of self-love, skill or aptitude. If you buy things because you want to prove yourself, you will fulfill your need for self-love.

    Self-actualization is the realization of one's uniquely creative, intellectual, or social potential. It is a very personal experience.

    When their need for self-esteem is fulfilled, where they have accepted themselves for the good and the bad, people move on to self-actualization.

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    Romantic relationships have the extraordinary potential to expand our selves. 

    They create a 'role engulfment' where one's identity is based entirely on one specific role of being a good lover/partner. It is conducive to one's growth and health and eventually applies to the self, and one starts to help others selflessly.



    1. Continued appreciations of the same objects, events and circumstances.
    2. Acceptance of one’s quirks and desires.
    3. Maintaining authenticity and dignity.
    4. Maintaining equanimity towards life’s inevitable ups and downs.
    5. Having a purpose in life.
    6. Pursuing the real, unadulterated truth about people and nature.
    7. A genuine desire to help mankind.
    8. Having internal peak experiences, opening new dimensions of the mind.
    9. Having a conscience.
    10. Being a creative spirit while doing any kind of action.

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