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We all have been taught by the internet about what a good password is: a mix of letters, numbers and special characters, with some extra rules thrown in. While long and complex passwords seem safer, it may be just an illusion.

Most of these profound guidelines about strong passwords are plain wrong, as they are taken into account while creating bulk password cracking software.

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Self Improvement


Being Hypervigilant

To be hypervigilant is to have a perpetual vigilance or alertness about what can happen with us or around us. The hypervigilant person is never at peace, never calm, and always obsessed about something or the other.

A lack of emotional stability while growing up, or being a victim/witness of domestic violence, or other environmental factors like being in a war zone, can develop into hypervigilance.

Clothing as part of our identity

Behavioral psychologist Dr. Carolyn Mair states that clothing is so close to us that it becomes part of our identity.

The clothes we wear shows how we want to be perceived, but how we are seen depends on the viewer.

The self-improvement process

If one day you find yourself in need to improve, you might as well take into account the following elements worthy of your attention: you ought to find an obsession that keeps your interest to improve constantly alive, once you have that, you should study your strengths and weaknesses related to this obsession in order to improve further.

Authenticity In Psychology

Our lives are uncertain and impermanent, and paradoxically, this can lead us towards living authentically, as we realize that death is unavoidable, values are subjective, and life by itself is flux.

The Self-Perception Theory reveals that people manipulate their own information so that the audience is impressed. People portray authenticity and manipulate their behaviours to appear real when it is necessary.

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