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Don't Try to Be the "Fun Boss" - and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership

Don't Try to Be the "Fun Boss" - and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership

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Modesty is the best policy

There is a degree of responsibility (and professionalism) that is expected from those in charge.
Trying to be the fun boss will harm your reputation eventually. It is good to keep some space between you and your team.

Balance analysis with action

Too much focus on data and analyses can detract from the broader context or the impact of your decisions. Relying only on data may indicate the best course of action for the bottom line, but it may not be the best decision for the team or relevant stakeholders.

Be steady and dependable

As a leader, being reliable and responsible is important for your team. You stand a good chance in gaining the trust of your team if you show that you exercise caution, take calculated risks, and will hold to the organizational principles.

Be humble, not charismatic

Charisma is useful for engaging and inspiring others.
However, unchecked charisma can lead to a reputation of self-absorption and self-promotion

The team may become concerned that you are more focused on your own concerns and ideas than on what's best for the group or organization.

Be vigilant

Adjusting to a new leadership role can take some time. After a while, we will become more comfortable, and we may stop paying attention to our reputations.

Keep up your guard, stay vigilant and seek regular feedback.

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