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Growth Mindset for Parents, Teachers and Coaches

As a parent practice working the process praise with your children. Praise the processes they used—their strategies, effort, or choices.

Ask these questions: "What did you learn today?" "What mistakes did you make and does it taught you something?"

Fixed mindset teacher create a atmosphere of judging. These teachers look at student's beginning performance and decide who's smart and who's dumb.

Great teachers believe in the growth of the intellect and talent, and they are fascinated with the process of learning. 


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I like maths, learning, reading and watching interesting stuff..

Mindset is one of my favourite books. It really changed my view and mindset on a lot of things.

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Fixed vs. Growth mindset

  • When success means being smart and failure being dumb, it stunts potential & possibilities in life. Growth mindset helps you love challenges, learn from mistakes, enjoy effort, seek new strategies, and keep learning....basically the main ingredients for

Tips for encouraging a growth mindset (in yourself and in others):

  • Don’t praise ability or intelligence: That promotes a fixed mindset. Compliment effort, process and choices.
  • Don’t ignore outcome, tie it to effort: You can be happy about success, but attribute it to effort.
  • Respond positively to failure: Failure isn’t b...

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