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Anarchy, an Ambiguous Utopia

Anarchy, an Ambiguous Utopia

Ursula Le Guin may seem to be promoting a credible anarchist utopia. Especially to the progressive liberal audience, she was influenced by and also influential to. As an antidote to the excesses of a capitalist system. But here opposing systems are not perfect. 

  • Anarres is stuck in a form of religious devotion to the system that there is no development. Most people are also quite miserable. 
  • Urras looks much more like a fascist state than a capitalist utopia. 

It is not clear if Le Guin was straw-manning the capitalist system or if she attempted an analysis of the concept of freedom.


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One of the best written novels. It is SF because it has ships and stuff. But a philosophical book from start to finish.

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