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People with a high need for affiliation want harmonious relationships with others and want to feel accepted by their peers and bosses. 

They prefer work that has social interaction. They make excellent team members and do well in customer service or client interaction.


People with a high need for achievement seek to excel.
Going for high-risk situations, these go-getters are not sitting relaxed even after reaching their objectives, rather going after the next goal.


People with a high need for security look for continuity, consistency, and predictability in their work and remuneration.

They don't switch jobs easily and dislike change, preferring to work in the same position or department.

Our Work Motivation

Lack of job satisfaction and employee engagement can be due to bad management, lack of transparency and overwork. One important reason that is often overlooked is our personal motivations.

There are five different motivations at work: Achievement, power, affiliation, security and adventure.



People who need adventure are motivated by risk, change, and uncertainty. They also change jobs and companies often, as they get bored with routine, and usually end up becoming entrepreneurs or freelancers.


People who are driven by a need for power love to be in charge, and crave authority even more than monetary gains. They want to make impactful decisions, desiring to be revered and followed.

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