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2. Occupation

2. Occupation

I use a framework of three content types when teaching people how to make professional posts about their industries, careers, or businesses: sunshine, science, and sales.

Sunshine content shines a light on other people. Maybe that’s an appreciation post. Maybe you’re simply telling your followers what you’re grateful for.

Science content is a look behind the scenes. How do you get it all done? How does your successful company stay running?

Sales content is generally a call to action (CTA) for your audience members. Running a cool promotion? Let your followers know.


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Traveler 🛫 | Gourmand 🍏

So I guess that social media thing is more than just a fad, huh?

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How Do You Plan an A/B Test?

Decide what to test, create two versions, decide on how long to run the test, collect enough data, analyze.

If you’re running an on-site test, you’ll want to think of all the sales-related pieces of your website, and then figure out which elements to split test:

  • headlines

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