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5 (Of The Most Pervasive) Myths About Trauma

5 (Of The Most Pervasive) Myths About Trauma

  1. Trauma Is A One-Off And Distinct Horrific Event
  2. Trauma Always Leads To PTSD
  3. Trauma Is Always A Disorder
  4. Trauma Has To Happen To Us Directly
  5. Trauma Changes Our Brain Forever


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

Despite its increasing popularity as a topic, many people still hold some serious misconceptions about what trauma actually is. Here are five of the most pervasive myths about trauma—and what research has to say about them.

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Trauma changes our brain

After having experienced trauma, our brain can not function properly anymore, at least for a while. 

Among the negative effects that trauma leads to there is the risk of developing physical illnesses or the so-called Post-traumatic stress disorder.

PSTD subtypes

  • Acute stress disorder (ASD) isn’t PTSD. It’s a cluster of symptoms like anxiety and avoidance that develop within a month after a traumatic event. Many people with ASD go on to develop PTSD.
  • Dissociative PTSD is when you detach yourself from the tr...

Overcoming trauma

Trauma leaves marks on both our body and our brain. However, these scars do not have to last forever.

In order to heal from a traumatic experience, one can try therapy, meditation and physical activity. All of these work wonders and result in an almost full recovery of the individual.

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