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Given these circumstances, their decisions must be fast and assure survival, which is why we’re wired to react in a way that makes sense to our brains. In the decision-making process , such variables can significantly alter the fairness and objectiveness of an outcome.


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Some Of The Most Popular Biases Identified In The Study Were:

  • The confirmation bias – we look for information that supports our initial point of view and overlook information that contradicts it
  • The recency bias – we think of recent or impactful events to be truer than any other answer our brain can provide be...


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The Undoing Project - Book Summ

The Undoing Project talks about the life and extensive research in the psychology of Kahneman and Tversky by bringing forth some of the most influential and groundbreaking discoveries they unveiled about ...


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Up until the 1950s, the general opinion was that people are rational beings who make rational decisions. They have laws, rules, customs, and institutions in place to help them decide what’s good and bad.

It wasn’t till Kahneman and Amos first introduced the term “


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The Undoing Project - Book Review

Many people have heard of behavioral psychology, but not many know where it came from or how it all began. The Undoing Project gives us a detailed history lesson on how these two men met at university in Isr...


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Lesson 2: A good partnership takes mutual fueling, a common purpose, and a drive to succeed .

Amos and Kahneman were the writers of the masterpiece that laid the foundation of modern psychology. Their work influenced areas like economics, finance, sports, behavioral psychology, and many more. 

What got them to the highest highs wasn’t just a shared purpose, but a common driv...


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There are many lessons from this story that can be applied to our everyday lives today: how we make decisions and what drives those decisions; how important it is for us as individuals to understand ourselves better so we can understand others better; how difficult life can be for those who...


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Lesson 1: Humans make biased decisions most of the time .

In the book, Daniel Kahneman provides many examples of how heuristics can lead to irrational behavior or bias, which are things we all experience from time to time but may not realize at first glance. 

That’s because most of our decisions are based on previous experiences, our views of the ...


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The result was a new way of thinking about human decision-making that opened up many avenues for further research. The book provides insights into their childhoods, their education, and career paths as well as their personal relationships with each other.


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Book Overview

The Undoing Project is a book that details the lives of two highly influential psychologists, namely Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. The two were working together in Jerusalem when they di...


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3 Top Book Lessons

Here are three of the most important lessons from the book:

  1. The human mind is not as logical as we think it is. 
  2. Kahneman and Amos discovered the secrets of a great partnership, and it all starts with a common purpose. 


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The truth is, when we’re making decisions and coming to conclusions about the world around us, we’re not always doing so in a completely objective way. Instead, our biases color the way that we see things—and they also shape how we interact with others.

This isn’t neces...


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Who would I recommend The Undoing Project to?

The 30-year-old person who is passionate about psychology and human behavior, the 27-year-old consumer behavior specialist who wants to deepen their knowledge, or the 40-year-old lecturer who enjoys a good read outside their usual curricula.


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Lesson 3: Some of the biases discovered by the two psychologists changed industries forever .

Kahneman and Amos worked together to discover how heuristics and biases affect the decision-making process in the human mind. What they came across changed the world for many reasons. 

Industries like advertising...


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Author Quote

Author Quote

"When you are a pessimist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice, Amos"

-Michael Lewis


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Amos won, but he gave up the first spot for Kahneman. This shows that their partnership went beyond just work. In the process of writing, they shared one typewriter and wrote everything together in a literal way. Their great collaboration took off from shared interests and an authentic frie...


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Introverted Extravert

The Undoing Project - Book Summary

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