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  • Start with self-awareness. Leaders become more authentic when they begin with knowing who they are—what they value, what they’re good at, how emotionally intelligent they are—and how others perceive them.
  • Show vulnerability. When leaders reveal their trip-ups and failures, they are seen as more approachable and less arrogant[4], but showing vulnerability isn’t always easy. Start by sharing lessons from past mistakes or areas of development.
  • Embrace the journey. The path to authenticity can be tricky. Nevertheless, the answer is not in pushing away difficult emotions or situations that might arise, but in embracing the ups and downs. And, above all, learning from them and sharing those learnings with team members.


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Leading With Heart And Mind

Leading With Heart And Mind

Authentic leaders are not afraid to show their emotions, their vulnerability and to connect with their employees. They understand it doesn’t make them “soft” and that communicating in a direct but empathetic manner is critical to successful outcomes.

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