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1. Keep Your Vision and Goals in Mind

1. Keep Your Vision and Goals in Mind

It’s important to start with a good base for your focus as you learn how to avoid distraction. This means figuring out exactly why you need to focus in the first place.

  • Do you have a big presentation at work next week that you need to prepare for?
  • Do you have a dream of learning to play the guitar and need to focus for an hour each day while you practice?

Deciding what your ultimate goal is will help you dedicate yourself to learning how to focus.


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Don’t get distracted. Instead, use some of the tips below to win back your focus and overcome distractions. Your productivity will thank you.

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#1. Keep asking what & why

#1. Keep asking what & why

  • What's causing distraction? Figure it out - are you worried, afraid, bored.
  • Big powerful internal triggers can have easy fixes...anxiety can lead to research-rabbit-hole on the internet.  
  • After identifying the triggers, reframe the t...

Keep your long-term goals in mind

Check your quarterly objectives and key results. 

Based on where you want to be at the end of the quarter, check to see where you need to make progress and set tasks for the coming week.

Put the Plan in Your Calendar

With a map drawn, the next step is your itinerary. When you will start, how many days a week you will work and when you expect to reach key milestones.

Put everything in your calendar. Many people fail to realize how many other tasks might interfere with their project, suc...

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