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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast [...], it's what makes meaning of work." Any organization peak performance is the product of collaboration and accountability.

"Culture is a set of value and beliefs, as well as familiarity with the way things are done and should be done in a company. The point is that a strong and positive corporate culture is absolutely essential."

High-motivation cultures rely on a mix of two elements:

  • Catalysts, actions that support work.
  • Nourishers, acts of interpersonal support.

Companies that "out-behave" their competition will also outperform them.


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Explore John Doerr's brilliant work on OKRs, defined by himself as: "A management methodology that helps to ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization”.

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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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The balance between personal and professional effectiveness

Proactivity versus reactivity

The importance of defining your path in life

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Corporate leadership must understand the need to make changes to the company culture that supports everyone.

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How to Maintain Productivity with Flexible Work Hours: The Do's

How to Maintain Productivity with Flexible Work Hours: The Do's

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Beating Procrastination

Beating Procrastination

Willpower doesn't work. Systems do.

Step out of your comfort zone. Freedom is your enemy.

If you want to get things done, you need rules.

  • Self-imposed deadlines create urgency
  • Accountability systems create responsibility
  • Working in intervals improves focus

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