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Limerence vs. Love: Differences

The main difference here is that love requires a real, meaningful connection with another person, while limerence is all about the chase and lusting after someone.

  • Limerence is the feeling that the object of their desire will complete them. This can be a form of trauma bonding where one person is seeking to be 'saved' by another.
  • The limerent person is desperate to have the object no matter whether it is good for either of them and they may idealize them
  • Seeing a bunch of red flags and ignoring them? You might be in limerence.
  • You neglect your own needs for them.
  • There could be an underlying reason that your default is limerence. Deep down the limerent person may be afraid of genuine connection and may be more comfortable with the distance. There may be psychological reasons and fear why they prefer obsessing over connecting.


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Limerence: the state of infatuation or obsession with another person that involves an all-consuming passion and intrusive thoughts.

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