Eliminating Guilt, Shame, Regret, And Worry - Key Points - Deepstash
Eliminating Guilt, Shame, Regret, And Worry - Key Points

Eliminating Guilt, Shame, Regret, And Worry - Key Points

  • Regret and shame often result from feelings of guilt.
  • Guilt is a sense of culpability that can be helpful or devastating in one's life.
  • When you make a mistake, own it. Correct it if you can, then let it go. Here's how.


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Eliminating Guilt, Shame, Regret, and Worry

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Guilt and Shame Defined

Guilt and Shame Defined

  • Guilt is defined as an emotional state that appears when we feel we have failed to live up to the morals of ourselves or others.
  • Shame is defined as an intense feeling about the self that comes from failing to live up to your own or others' standards.

The Harm of Shame

The Harm of Shame

Shame can be more troubling than guilt. It's hard for some people to separate their actions from who they are as a person. The downsides of shame:

  • Decreases self-esteem - you tend to think that every negative action says something about who you are.
  • Promotes unethical behavi...

What Guilt-tripping Is

What Guilt-tripping Is

Guilt-tripping is an indirect approach to communication. Even when you’ve done nothing wrong, the other person might imply the situation is somehow your fault. They make their unhappiness clear and leave it to you to find a way of fixing the problem.

If you feel guilty abo...

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