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Guilt Vs. Shame: What’s The Difference And Why Does It Matter? | Betterhelp

Guilt Vs. Shame: What’s The Difference And Why Does It Matter? | Betterhelp

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Guilt and Shame Defined

Guilt and Shame Defined

  • Guilt is defined as an emotional state that appears when we feel we have failed to live up to the morals of ourselves or others.
  • Shame is defined as an intense feeling about the self that comes from failing to live up to your own or others' standards.

The main difference is that shame makes you see yourself as a bad person while guilt implies, you are a good person who did something bad.

The Harm of Shame

The Harm of Shame

Shame can be more troubling than guilt. It's hard for some people to separate their actions from who they are as a person. The downsides of shame:

  • Decreases self-esteem - you tend to think that every negative action says something about who you are.
  • Promotes unethical behavior - people who cling to shame are more likely to act poorly and hide it from others.
  • Creates a sense of hopelessness - life can seem hopeless if you feel powerless to change.

Dealing Appropriately with Guilt

Dealing Appropriately with Guilt

When you're trying to work through guilt, here's what you need to do:

  • Distinguish between action and self;
  • Accept responsibility;
  • Make amends - apologize and make reparations;
  • Take a problem - solving approach - look for solutions;
  • Make better choices - When you do something that you can't accept, you may find that this event becomes a catalyst for greater change. Maybe you want to become a better person or start down a new path in life.

Guilt Vs. Shame

Guilt Vs. Shame

The difference between shame and guilt may seem superficial, but it's crucial to understand it, so you can learn to handle your emotions better.

We all make mistakes, but they don't have to affect your self-esteem. Instead, you can learn from guilt and grow from the experience without shame. All you need are the right tools-take the first step.

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