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How to change habits

How to change habits

Rather, to change a habit, you must keep the old cue, and deliver the old reward, but insert a new routine. That’s the rule: If you use the same cue, and provide the same reward, you can shift the routine and change the habit. Almost any behavior can be transformed if the cue and reward stay the same.


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Why habits exist, how they work, and how you can change them - The foundational understanding required to create new habits that will drive your success and break old habits that are limiting your life.

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The GOLDEN RULE of habit change

The GOLDEN RULE of habit change

• We know that a habit cannot be eradicated. Instead, it must be replaced. Most habits are most malleable when the golden rule is applied:

• To change a habit, you must keep the old cue, and deliver the old reward...

The Golden Rule of habit change

A habit cannot be eradicated—it must, instead, be replaced. And if we keep the same cue and the same reward, a new routine can be inserted. 

But that’s not enough. For a habit to stay changed, people must believe change is possible. And most often, that belief only emerges with the h...

6. How triggers work

6. How triggers work

  • The sequence known as a habit loop are described by three terms: cue, routine and reward.
  • The golden rule of habit change design by Duhigg is to keep the cue and reward ande change the routine.
  • A modified, more complete way to view this is: trigger -> impulse...

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