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"Our lives are finite, but life is infinite. We are the finite players in the infinite dame of life. We come and go, we're born and we die, and life still continues with or without us."

-Simon Sinek


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Introverted Extravert

The Infinite Game - Book Summary

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Finite vs Infinite Games

Finite vs Infinite Games

There are finite games and infinite games.

  • Finite games are known players with known rules with goals to win the game.
  • Infinite games have known and unknown players, rules that can change, and the goal to keep playing the game

When ...

Finite vs infinite games

A finite game is a game where we have defined set of rules, a limited number of players and a timer to say when the game is over. An infinte game is a game where there are always changes in the rules, unlimited number of players and no timer.

In the first one the game ends and the players c...


The time we have in this world is finite and it is our most valuable resource. With each passing day, we inch closer to death. But that does not mean our lives are meaningless. On the contrary, one could view this with excitement and understand that because life is not infinite, because there is ...

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