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Finite vs Infinite Games

Finite vs Infinite Games

There are finite games and infinite games.

  • Finite games are known players with known rules with goals to win the game.
  • Infinite games have known and unknown players, rules that can change, and the goal to keep playing the game

When players are both competing at the same finite or infinite game, the game is stable. When there is an opposition, the finite player will burn though resources and willpower to compete and the infinite player will just be playing the game.

simon sinek

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. 

Working hard for something we love is called passion.


More than a metric

Finding more in our work that gives us meaning that will will devote our lives work to the cause. 

Leaders in the Infinite Game

  1. Just cause. Working for more than just a metric.
  2. Trusting team. Trust to ask for help from co-workers and managers without fear of performance reviews.
  3. Worthy advisory. To reflect who is doing something better to find what you can self improve yourself.
  4. Existential flexibility. How long can you stay in the infinite game.
  5. The ability to lead. Lead an infinite game that is greater than a few successes. 

Businesses in the Game

Businesses often try to play in the finite game. They will strive to a sales metric or a competitive feature to their opponent. This is futile and will only end with burning though resources and willpower.

When businesses compete in the infinite game, there is a higher purpose than a strong year-end sale. There is strategy to say in the game indefinitely.

Existential flexibility

If your not willing to blow up your company to make a drastic change, the market will do it for you. 

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