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This marks the difference between a company that thinks with a finite mindset and one that thinks with an infinite mindset. The concept stems from a 1984 book by James Carse, called Finite and Infinite Games . In The Infinite Game , Sinek applies the concept to business.


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The Infinite Game - Book Summary

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Finite vs Infinite Games

Finite vs Infinite Games

There are finite games and infinite games.

  • Finite games are known players with known rules with goals to win the game.
  • Infinite games have known and unknown players, rules that can change, and the goal to keep playing the game

When ...

The difference between the players in the 2 games

The players in the finite game just see their goal. The players in the infinite game play on the long term, to remain in the game as long as they can.

The difference in this 2 mindsets can be seen in this era, with the covid. The brands that played long-term, thinking about the client and ...

Leaders in the Infinite Game

Leaders in the Infinite Game

To lead with an infinite mindset, one must uphold these five pillars: 

  1. Just cause. Working for more than just a metric.
  2. Trusting team. Trust to ask for help from co-workers and managers without fear of performance reviews.
  3. Worth...

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