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Input And Output

The quality of the content that you consume matters a lot. If the quality is high it creates a better return on investment also if the quality is high the output is also high and you will be more willingly to share the information you receive


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Chris Do explains how he learns skills quickly

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How To Build Muscle

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Importance of rest and recovery

Effective workout routines

Proper nutrition for muscle building

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Algorithms: Output

The last step of an algorithm is output - expressing the answer.

Output to a computer is usually more data. It allows computers to string algorithms together in complex ways to produce more algorithms. Output can also present information, such as putting words on a screen.

Measure Output, Not Input

Measure Output, Not Input

Systems are the best way to progress since they reward effort and we control all the variables. However, we need to have a sense of direction in those efforts, to know what we are trying to accomplish.

Writing daily with no objective is just practice. If you want to ach...

Code is Art

Code is Art

Programming is very much a creative pursuit. You’re creating something out of nothing, not with paint or words, but with code. 

If you have any desire to produce at a high level, then you have to practice. You can get a lot better, in less time, if you make your practice mo...

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