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Implement What You Learned

Implementing what you learned is essential in learning a new skill or Theroy without implementing the knowledge that you gained is just surface level and your short team memory will forget it very quickly

some ways to apply what you learned

  1. make a project
  2. write a blog


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Chris Do explains how he learns skills quickly

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How To Build Muscle

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Importance of rest and recovery

Effective workout routines

Proper nutrition for muscle building

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3. Star Blogging About What You've Learned

3. Star Blogging About What You've Learned

To make sure that you do not forget what you learn, take notes and write about what you have learned in your blog. Writing organizes your thought process and it is one of the best ways to remember. 

If you write in a publ...

Finally conclusion

1- Learning a new skill will get you to a better place, even if you don't see that the skill is helpful.

2- Remember there is no time wasted while learning, if you see that the skill didn't give you an advantage, it gave it to you in an indirect way.


In order to learn, we need to sleep

In order to learn, we need to sleep

Learning is hard and takes effort on a personal level. It requires attention and physical energy.

  • When you start learning, you need to pay careful attention to bring that information into your short-term memory. Lack of sleep can make it difficult to pay attention to. Even memory champ...

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