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Sleep And Memory & Learning

What we’ve discovered over the past 10 or so years is that you need sleep after learning to essentially hit the save button on those new memories so that you don’t forget. But recently, we discovered that you also need sleep before learning to actually prepare your brain, almost like a dry sponge ready to initially soak up new information.

Without sleep, the memory circuits of the brain essentially become waterlogged, as it were, and you can’t absorb new memories.


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Sleep And The Immune System

But as a deeper dive, I want to focus on this: sleep loss and your immune system. So, within the immune system there are these cells called natural killer cells, and you can think of them almost like the secret service agents of your immune system. They are very good at identifyi...


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Distortion Of Gene Activity

In this study, they took a group of healthy adults and they limited them to 6 hours of sleep a night, for one week, and then they measured the change in their gene activity profile relative to when those same individuals were getting a full 8 hours of sleep a night. And there were 2 criti...


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How Do I Start To Get Better Sleep

Well, beyond avoiding the damaging and harmful impact of alcohol and caffeine on sleep, and if you’re struggling with sleep at night, avoiding naps during the day, I have two pieces of advice for you. The first is regularity. Go to bed at the same time, wake up at the sam...


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It’s My Life And I’ll Sleep If I Want To

It’s a silent sleep loss epidemic, and it’s fast becoming one of the greatest public health challenges that we face in the 21st century. I believe it is now time for us to reclaim our right to a full night of sleep, and without embarrassment or that unfortunate stigma of laziness. And in ...


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Simultaneous Immune Deficiency And Inflammation

Those genes that were switched off by a lack of sleep were genes associated with your immune system, so once again, you can see that immune deficiency. In contrast, those genes that were actually upregulated or increased by way of a lack of sleep, were genes associated with the promotion of tumor...


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The Test: Sleep Deprivation

We decided to test the hypothesis that pulling the all-nighter was a good idea. So we took a group of individuals and we assigned them to 1 of 2 experimental groups: a sleep group and a sleep deprivation group. The sleep group, would get a full 8 hours of slumber, but the deprivation group, would...


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Or Age And Sleep-Related Cognitive Decline?

The evidence suggests that the disruption of deep sleep is an underappreciated factor that is contributing to cognitive decline or memory decline in aging and in Alzheimer’s disease as well. This is remarkably depressing news. But there’s a potential silver lining here. Unlike ma...


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Sleep Spindles

What is it about the physiological quality of your sleep when you do get it that restores and enhances your memory and learning ability each and every day? By placing electrodes all over the head, what we’ve discovered is that there are big, powerful brainwaves that happen during the very...


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Lack Of Sleep And Cancer

Currently, that list of forms of cancer associated with short sleep duration includes cancer of the bowel, cancer of the prostate and cancer of the breast. In fact, the link between a lack of sleep and cancer is now so strong that the World Health Organization has classified any form of n...


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Simple Sleep Restriction: Immediate Immune Deficiency

In this experiment, participants wouldn’t have their sleep deprived for an entire night, they’d simply have their sleep restricted to 4 hours for 1 single night, and then we were going to look to see what’s the percent reduction in immune cell activity that they suffer. And it’s not small; it’s n...


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Lack Of Sleep Erodes The Body Like Water Erodes The Soil

There is simply no aspect of your wellness that can retreat at the sign of sleep deprivation and get away unscathed. It’s rather like a broken water pipe in your home. Sleep loss will leak down into every nook and cranny of your physiology, even tampering with the very DNA nucleic alphabe...


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The Hippocampus

We’ve gone on to discover what goes wrong within your brain to produce these types of learning disabilities. There’s a structure that sits on the left and the right side of your brain, called the hippocampus. You can think of the hippocampus almost like the informational inbox of your bra...


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Inbox: Zero

When we looked at the hippocampus in those people who’d had a full night of sleep, we saw lots of healthy learning-related activity. Yet in those people who were sleep-deprived, we actually couldn’t find any significant signal whatsoever.

So it’s almost as though sleep deprivation ...


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The Shorter Your Sleep, The Shorter Your Life

So you may have heard of that old maxim that you can sleep when you’re dead. Well, it is mortally unwise advice. We know this from epidemiological studies across millions of individuals. There’s a simple truth: the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. Short sleep predicts all-cause ...


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The Memory Backup

It’s the combined quality of these deep-sleep brainwaves that acts like a file-transfer mechanism at night, shifting memories from a short-term vulnerable reservoir to a more permanent long-term storage site within the brain, and therefore protecting them, making them safe. And i...


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How Do I Start To Get Better Sleep?

The second piece of advice is “keep it cool”. Your body needs to drop its core temperature by about two to three degrees Fahrenheit to initiate sleep and then to stay asleep, and it’s the reason you will always find it easier to fall asleep in a room that's too cold than too hot. So aim f...


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Sleep And Age-Related Cognitive Decline?

One area that we’ve moved this work out into, clinically, is the context of aging and dementia. Because it’s of course no secret that, as we get older, our learning and memory abilities begin to fade and decline. But what we’ve also discovered is that a physiological signature of aging is...


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The Result: Learning Disabilities

The next day, we placed participants from both groups inside an MRI scanner and we asked them to learn a whole list of new facts, as we were taking snapshots of brain activity. And then we tested them to see how effective that learning had been. And what we found is a quite significant - ...


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Direct-Current Brain Stimulation

We’re actually developing a method based on this. It’s called direct-current brain stimulation. You insert a small amount of voltage into the brain, so small you typically don’t feel it, but it has a measurable impact. Now if you apply this stimulation during sleep in you...


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Sleep Is Not A Luxury

And then finally, in taking a step back, then, what is the mission-critical statement here? Well, I think it may be this: sleep, unfortunately, is not an optional lifestyle luxury. Sleep is a nonnegotiable biological necessity. It is your life-support system, and it is Mother Nature’s bes...


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Daylight Saving Time

But sleep is just as essential for your body. I can tell you about sleep loss and your cardiovascular system, and that all it takes is 1 hour. Because there is a global experiment performed on 1.6 billion people across 70 countries twice a year, and it’s called daylight saving time.


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Sleep Is Your Superpower

Sleep Is Your Superpower


22 ideas


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

Sleep is our life-support system and Mother Nature’s best effort yet at immortality, says sleep scientist Matt Walker. In this deep dive into the science of slumber, Walker shares the wonderfully good things that happen when we get sleep - and the alarmingly bad things that happen when we don’t, for both our brain and our body. Spoiler alert: Sleep like your life depends on it.

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Our memories are a major component in our learning process, and all knowledge that we accumulate is stored in memory. Effective learning happens when we hook something that we learn to something already in our memory, in a meaningful context. This creates a strong learnin...

Dreams as memory aids

Research shows that sleep helps store memories. If you learn new information and sleep on it, you’ll be able to recall it better than if asked to remember that information without the benefit of sleep.

Dreams may help the brain more efficiently store important in...

In order to learn, we need to sleep

In order to learn, we need to sleep

Learning is hard and takes effort on a personal level. It requires attention and physical energy.

  • When you start learning, you need to pay careful attention to bring that information into your short-term memory. Lack of sleep can make it difficult to pay attention to. Even memory champ...


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