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Let's face it - the self-help industry is saturated with quick-fix solutions that promise to solve all our problems. But as someone who has tried and tested many of these methods, I can confidently say that they are nothing more than a rabbit hole of illusions.

So what's the alternative?

Real-life solutions to real-life problems.


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Before we begin, I'd like to clarify that I'm not a filthy rich person, nor am I in a state of poverty. I consider myself to be financially stable. And if you’re wondering why I feel qualified to address this sensitive topic, the answer is simple: personal experience.Throughout my life, I have faced some of the most difficult and heartbreaking circumstances (some of which I cannot openly discuss). However, despite these challenges, I have managed to overcome most of my financial difficulties. While I still have some remaining debt, I have plans to address it.

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No More Broke

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How to negotiate better deals

Understanding the importance of saving

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