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Spend less than you earn—invest the surplus—avoid debt.

Do simply this and you’ll wind up rich. Not just in money.


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Money doesn't buy happiness - it buys freedom.

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The Golden Rules of Personal Finance

The Golden Rules of Personal Finance

  • Spend less money than you earn
  • Always plan for the future: you should always look forward beyond the current month
  • Make your money make more money: invest, start a business or invest in your education.

Defining Budget Deficits

Defining Budget Deficits

When you spend more than you earn and the total amount of money that you're spending turns out to be more than the amount that you're brining in causes a budget deficit.

For example, if you spend $100 per week but earn less than that every week, that's a budget deficit. In addition, sh...

Money is expensive.

Money is expensive.

 Avoid debt on depreciating assets, and never incur debt in order to assuage your vanity (see rule number one). Debt has become normative, but don’t blithely accept it as a rite of passage into adulthood—debt represents imbalance and, in some sense, often a resignation of control. 

If you c...

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